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Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum

We Saved This House!

(A True Diamond In The Rough)

Code Deficiencies Were Corrected

And Is Off The City List Of Properties To Be Demolished.

So Begins The Next Phase of Restoration!

Update: August 2017

City Code Officials gave notice that all code deficiencies were corrected and the case is closed on plans to demollish the Museum’s Pre-1896 Territorial Exhibit .

The Finished Project Will Look Like This:

Leona Mitchell Music Conservatory

[Code violation goals achieved!]

Refacing of lower level facade complete. Restoration work on wrap-around porch going on before raising pillars, reattaching porch overhang and re-roofing can be accomplished.

Donate Now!

The home was donated to the Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum by David Daugherty in hopes that we could save it. The property, formerly on the dilapidated list, was subject to being torn down.

Museum Executive Director, Barbara Finley presented a Plan of Correction to Enid City Code Officials and accomplished goals to save the house.

Finley states that, "more fun work can now begin to restore the home to it's previous state of elegance since a firm foundation has been established to protect the home from the elements, being unsecured and a danger to the community."

The Home will receive new wiring, plumbing, insulation, floors, walls and will require proper permits and must meet all concurrent code regulations as it is restored.

The Public can help by donating to the Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum a 501(c)3 and receive a tax write-off per IRS Regulation. Also accepted are donations for Museum Programs and Operations, including cash gift cards, donations of needed supplies, industry professionals and skilled help.

*Leona Mitchell Music Conservatory

801 E. Maine, Enid, Oklahoma 73701

*Burns Place Exhibit

464 E. State Street, Enid, Oklahoma

*Leona Mitchell

Southern Heights Heritage Center

and Museum

616 Leona Mitchell Blvd., Enid, Oklahoma

Update: October 2012

Update: October, 2011

Officials Accept Amended Museum Plan

To Conserve Unique Pre-1896 Victorian Exhibit In-situ (it's naturally occurring position)

"Leona Mitchell's Place"

Work continues between inclement weather ranging from endless days of scorching 100+ degree temperatures, damaging winds and violent thunderstorms.

Workmen are now bracing for the onslaught of rainy days, cold, snow and ultimately ice.

With nearly all exterior Code Violations accomplished, including a restructured foundation, conserving the basement level, clearing debris and stripping out damaged elements in the interior, contractors are now contending with slow downs in materials needed to close-in the exhibit project before the weather changes again.

(pre-1896 Territorial home in the Cherokee Outlet

near our Government Springs)

Thank You In Advance, for your consideration to;

Donate To Save "Leona Mitchell's Place" Today

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